Tuition & Registration

Tuition by Program

Youth & Community Orchestras: $100 per semester.

Youth Choir: $100 per semester.

New Beginning Elementary Aged Students Private Instruction:

30 Minutes: $500 per semester

Tuition includes weekly lessons and 7 group classes


Returning Students or 6th - 12th Grade Students:

30 Minutes: $550 per semester

45 Minutes: $700 per semester

60 Minutes: $900 per semester

Tuition includes weekly lessons, 7 group classes, and 7 musicianship classes.

Tuition is due at the beginning of each semester. Please inquire regarding questions about payment options.

Tuition payments will be open August 1 - September 1.


Step 1:

Fill out the registration form. 

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Step 2:

Check your inbox for confirmation of registration with the Community Music School! 

(Note: this may take a few business days)

Step 3:

Pay your designated program's tuition through our online Marketplace!


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